2012 Tech Buddies are...
Year 6 students at Turuturu School who have shown an interest in developing their IT knowledge and becoming experts within the school to help support IT learning in classrooms.
Each Friday they have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skill base in small workshop situations.
Throughout the week they are available in classrooms for assistance with using applications, sites and technology resources.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Writing - Tracking Changes and Etherpad

Tracking Changes and Etherpad

Tracking Changes
- Used with Microsoft Word

- Found on the Toolbar (the placement of this button may vary depending on the age of Microsoft Word version used on your computer.)

1) Children write their story as usual (simply getting their ideas down).  
2) They then need to click on 'Tracking Changes' to monitor any changes made to their writing from this point onwards.  These changes will now be displayed in red.  
3) They could print this edited version of their work to show their working.  
4) They could then click on 'Final' which will take away the red alterations and leave their piece of writing as a final copy.  
5) They could then print this version as their published work.

Opensource Etherpad

- Is a collaborative way to write.

- Is public, so developing protocols is very important.

1)  Create a new pad by following the above URL.

2) Determine how many computers/writers you wish to participate in this collaborative writing activity.  (Push 'Enter' after the last number on the pad to increase the number of participants on this 'Pad.)

3)  Provide each computer/writer with a designated number.

4)  Make the URL of this created Pad available for writers to join.

5) Writers open this URL and write beside their designated number.  Each number has its own colour so that you can identify the writers.  Each writer can also add to, edit and work on another writers work, but these alterations will show up in that new writer's colour.  People can also use the chat option.  DO NOT forget though that this chat is public!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Creating a storyboard...


Here are some helpful tips for creating storyboards...

*  Storyboard Tips (KWN site)

*  Storyboarding Part 1 (Youtube Video)...

* Download a storyboard template from below.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Problem Solving Posters For Classrooms


The Aim Was:
To use Comic Life to create posters that can hang above classroom computers and be a port of call for problem solving some of the smaller issues with classroom computers.

Here are the posters that the Tech Buddies produced.
Click on the image below to view them all.
These now hang above the computers in each classroom.

Problem Solving Posters for Classroom Computers